Updated February 26th 2017

Updated February 26th 2017

Chibis - Retired

Icons - $10

Need a new twitter avatar? Get a brand new one custom made to look like your character in my new commission style

3/4 Body - $15

A little more than the bust but no legs, these are perfect for banners and avatars since the legs will be cropped off anyway.

Full Body - $20

These are great as gifts or for your own character sheets.


WHO/WHAT? - Include a description of what you need drawn (and the image size if necessary.) Example: "I would like a 3/4 commission of my character she wears a long coat, knee-high boots and carries a diamond sword."

REFERENCE - ALL COMMISSIONS MUST INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE REFERENCE. Any reference helps including but not limited to: personal photos, hand drawn images and other art. ***Please include what pose you would like your character to be in if you are ordering a 3/4 or full body commission*** 

WHEN? - If you need this commission by a certain date please let me know. All commissions will be completed within 72hours of when I accept your request (with the exception of large images with multiple characters.)

WHERE? - Does your art need a background? My new "icons" commissions include a painted background (if you have specific colours you'd like let me know.) Other commissions do not include backgrounds in the pricing but if you would like one give me a description of what you'd like and I'll give you a price!

PAYMENT - After the commission is completed you will receive link(s) to your new artwork and my PayPal address. I will not accept payment until after the art is finished

Once you have collected all the information needed, send it through a DM on Twitter (this is the best and quickest way to contact me) or fill out the form below which will go to my e-mail.

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